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Christal D. Crockett is a multifaceted visionary and strategist who is the founder and CEO of The Scribes Collective. An emerging publishing boutique specializing in bringing creative visions and impactful stories to fruition by providing comprehensive support for self-publishing creative works to create influence and legacy.

Before launching The Scribes Collective, Christal published a coloring prayer journal and a goal-setting book for Christian entrepreneurs. In addition, Christal has published six ebooks and over 30+ blogs that have transformed readers' lives. 

Christal started The Scribes Collective because she recognized the gap in support for Christian authors to gain self-publishing knowledge with a prophetic edge. Christal's mission is for every author to not just publish a book but leave her sessions, events, and training with a prophetic push to unlock legacy, generational wealth, and a sustainable author brand. 

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